Driver Training

Forklift operator training is essential and a necessity. No matter the level of sophistication of technology in forklift trucks these days, there is always one element which never changes…THE DRIVER.

Accidents involving materials handling could be prevented through proper operators training.

We can offer expert driver training on our own premises (or off site) using the latest full audiovisual aids to the highest standards – and all at extremely competitive rates.

We can also offer guidance on the measures necessary to meet current legislation, including Health & Safety standards.

It is a requirement of HSE legislation that lift truck operators have been trained on the type of truck they use, and hold valid certification. To get the best from materials handling equipment, driver skill and competence play a vital role. We can provide a wide variety of training which all meets current codes of best practice as follows:

  • On site at your own premises
  • Off site at a training centre in Salisbury
  • Courses for the novice, experienced, refresher and experienced conversion to new truck type drivers.
  • All truck and licence categories are catered for.

For training enquiries, contact our Training Depatment on 01202 430 323.

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