Forklift hire Fareham

If you are looking for forklift hire Fareham, we offer a tailor made hiring solution measured to your requirements, whether that’s one week hire or 5 year hire and anything in between.

Short term forklift truck hire

  • Your trucks when required, ours when not.
  • The hire rate includes ALL maintenance and servicing (excluding customer damage)
  • No capital expenditure
  • Ideal for meeting seasonal or peak demands

Long term forklift truck hire

  • 3-7 year contracts
  • The longer the commitment, the more cost effective the hire rate
  • New or used trucks available for hire
  • Forklifts for any application and even bespoke trucks to meet specific needs

Other Finance Options

As well as offering new and used forklifts trucks and warehouse equipment for outright sale and rental we also offer you the option of leasing.

Lease Purchase

  • Your truck to own at the end of the hire period
  • This option allows you to spread the cost of ownership over the contracted period
  • Fixed price maintenance packages are available to accompany a long term lease purchase agreement. These packages are designed to take the uncertainty out of maintenance costs.

Used Trucks

Sometimes buying a used forklift is a more cost effective solution to long term rental or hire. We are always happy to discuss your requiements and help you explore the best solution for your business.

Click here to view our current used stock. You can contact us by calling 0800 021 4516 or by clicking on the button below and submitting an enquiry.

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Fork Lift Truck Association Members Code of Practice

In order to ensure the highest standards of customer care, the Fork Lift Truck Association has ratified a Code of Practice. Members must therefore achieve and maintain defined standards of safety, efficiency and integrity. Only those companies abiding expressly by the terms of the Code, and passing inspection, will be accepted as Members of the Association Every member of the Fork Lift Truck Association must adhere to a Code of Practice. They must:

  • Ensure trucks are delivered in a safe and serviceable condition.
  • Satisfy themselves that the equipment is suitable for the intended application.
  • Ensure only competent engineers service and repair trucks.
  • Carry out regular servicing as per contract.
  • Carry out all Health & Safety requirements including Thorough Examination as appropriate.
  • Use a contract which has been approved by the Fork Lift Truck Association.
  • Accurately represent facts relating to a contract. Ensure that the contract embodies all the express terms and conditions of the agreement. Respect confidential business information supplied to them in the course of their business.
  • Have public liability and product liability insurance of at least 5 million pounds. Make available the insurance document for inspection.
  • Behave with integrity and encourage such conduct by others in the business of hiring lift trucks.
  • Transact business in such a manner as will reflect credit on that Member and the industry.
  • Strive to improve their own competence and that of others in the industry.
  • Exercise care in the day to day conduct of business relationships.
  • Make available up-to-date records for inspection by a person authorised by the Fork Lift Truck Association.
  • Deal promptly with all queries or complaints from a customer.